Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Using universities to spur economic growth and innovation

New Jersey: improve collaboration between businesses and institutions of higher education to spur innovation. This is one of the recommendations made in a report released yesterday by the state's Higher Education Task Force. (A summary of all recommendations is available here.)

The specific recommendations re: business and PS institutions are:
1. New Jersey should reestablish the Commission on Science and Technology to provide much-needed leadership to promote and commercialize joint research between universities and the private sector.
2. A reconstituted Commission on Science and Technology should establish a database of university research that would benefit institutions of higher education, industry, and the state’s economy.
3. New Jersey should better utilize NJIT’s expertise in technology and innovation.

Elsewhere, the report suggests, "A revitalized Commission could help establish best practices for all institutions of higher education for partnering with private collaborators. These best practices would help open these institutions to investment and innovations available in the private sector throughout the state."

How many other states might benefit by better collaboration between postsecondary institutions and the private sector? It is not clear how many states already have the measures in place that have been proposed in New Jersey.

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