Monday, April 18, 2011

STEM: The power of business/high school partnerships

A piece that ran in today's Honolulu Star Advertiser speaks to the potential of business partnerships with public schools to improve STEM capacity. Nolan Kawano, the president of the Public Schools of Hawaii Foundation describes the substantial investment the foundation has recently made in Roosevelt High School in Honolulu to build a new science lab, provide training for math and science teachers at the high school and its feeder elementary and middle schools, and Good Idea Grant program that offers annual grants to teachers to promote innovative learning in the classroom.

Kawano notes, "The sum of all the parts is too large in terms of effort and cost for any organization to implement at all of the public school complexes in Hawaii, as a renovation of science labs statewide alone will run in the tens of millions of dollars. But if one business together with the state Department of Education could adopt a school complex, along with PSHF's supporting Good Idea Grant program, the enormous task becomes manageable."

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