Monday, May 2, 2011

Georgia: Soft skills certification

Enrolled Georgia legislation described in my P-20 blog post today proposes encouraging changes to improve college-readiness--but also looks at workplace readiness.

H.B. 186, which is currently pending the governor's action, authorizes the Governor's Office of Workforce Development to establish certification in soft skills, which may include, but not be limited to, skills relating to punctuality, ability to learn, and ability to work in a team, as a discrete and complementary component to the current WorkKeys assessment used in the state. The legislation authorizes and encourages the office of workforce development to work with the department of education and the board of technical and adult education to facilitate coordination with high schools so that high school students can attain certification in soft skills and work readiness.

Many surveys of high school students indicate they would like to know how what they're learning in school applies to the "real world", while employers complain that young adults lack the soft skills needed to be successful in the workplace. This legislation offers an intriguing approach to provide both high school students and employers with what they are looking for.

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